2014 Election Results

                               Voter Turnout = 46.25%

                               Candidate                 Office                        Votes

                               Allan Alls                  Mayor                         2403

                               Rod Finnie                Mayor                         1120

                               David Lyver               Mayor                           464

                              John Brennan          Councillor                   1990

                              Jeff Duncan             Councillor                   1936

                              Matt Sammut          Councillor                   1735

                              Rob Smith                Councillor                   1429

                              Jamie Cheyne          Councillor                   1396

                              Chris Naraysingh*     Councillor                 1369

                              Evelyn McLean         Councillor                   1198

                              Josie Wintersinger  Councilllor                  1009

                              Shawn Wilson*          Councillor                    742

                              Craig Porterfield       Councillor                    679

                              George Silva             Councillor                     549

                              Pierre Brianceau      County Councillor     2025

                              Barb Tocher              County Councillor      1376

                              Lou Maieron              County Councillor       503 

                              Bolded names indicate suscessors

                              * Unable to run in the 2018 municipal elections in Ontario due to default

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